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Herzliches Willkommen bei Transdreams .........                                                                 Auch in 2011.

An appointment is necessary for all services Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 10.00-22.00. Please call +31 6 3127 5081 (Mobil) for more information and making appointments. Or leave a message on the contact-form.

Looking good and convincingly female plays a very important part in the experience of T*-girls and -women. It is quite safe to say that this is basically true for all crossdressers, transgenders, trannie etc. A definition of what is good and convincingly female can not be given however, because it is a matter of taste. What makes someone look good and convincingly female To YOU, depends of your personal preferences, lifestyle and expectationlevel. YOUR aspirations, wishes and needs are the starting point for all the services that Transdreams offers.

This page informs you in detail about the services; it explains each of the available services. It furthermore includes a clear price list and a description of the conditions to which service delivery is subjected. Many girls want to combine a transformation with going out or staying the night in Amsterdam? That is why I also added two handy lists. 1: a list of tranny-friendly places for going out. 2: tranny friendly accomodation in Amsterdam.

Leisure or learning: types of services:

I basically offer two types of services: leisure-oriented services and learning-oriented services.

All services are offered in a 1-to-1 setting with observance of your privacy and discretion.

  1. Leisure: Transformation services These services are a kind of package deal. At the base is always a complete make-over. Long lasting and resistant. This make-over allows you to be beautiful for the whole day/evening. A complete make-over takes about 60-75 minutes and is available as a single service.

    Now that the make-over is finished and you are ready for the finishing touch, consider these options:

    • Creating/developping a style. Combining, make-over, hair, cloting, shoes, accesories to create an individually appealing style. In some cases, we know exactly in advance what we want to achieve. Sometimes it is a matter of experimenting. Making combinations and variations in your outer appearance during the session.

    Trying out new wigs. The right make-over makes choosing a wig much easier. This makes a transformation a perfect occasion to try out a new hairstyle. Transdreams offers a range of affordable wigs for sale in different styles and colors.

    A single (complete) make-over takes about 60-75 minutes. The price is 65 euro. You may reserve any amount of additional hours to live out your ideas and fantasies.

  2. Learning:

    make-over training sessions: Transdreams provides make-over trainings that fit to your individual learningneeds. These trainings are available to anyone who is not quite satisfied zijn geschikt voor iedereen die niet helemaal (of helemaal niet) tevreden is met zijn/haar eigen resultaten.

    Ook als u nog geen ervaring met make-up heeft zijn de trainingen een uitstekend startpunt. In de trainingen leert u namelijk hoe uw gezicht er met make-up effectief vrouwelijker uit kan zien. Met behulp van een kleurentest worden de juiste kleuren gekozen.

    Make-up products. De make-up producten die tijdens de lessen worden gebruikt zijn effectieve oplossingen voor transgenders en travestieten. Alle producten die u nodig heeft, kunt u bij Transdreams kopen. U krijgt bij al deze producten eerlijk en deskundig advies en een duidelijke uitleg bij het gebruik.

    The training-sessions are available in modules of at least 1 hour up until maximal 2 uur.

Foto's van de Transdreams-studio in Amsterdam.

Besides and along with the services Transdreams also offers make-up products, wigs and silicone breasts. A transformation session is the perfect occasion to try out another hairstyle or a new set of breasts.

This renewed Transdreams-site is online only very recently. (As from February 2011). I will maintain and extend this service-page on a regular basis. So keep in touch every now and then... Or subscribe to the Transdreams newsletter, and I will keep you up to date with news on my services, products, activities, updates, modelreports etc.... If you have any additional questions or suggestions about the services, please leave your email-message here.....

Opening hours

Transdreams is opened Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 22.00. (Always contact me or make an appointment before your visit.)

Going out to tranny-friendly places.

In Amsterdam in general and in the neighbourhood of our studio in particular there are many possibilties for T-girls to go out and meet, friendly people, see different kinds of life-music and have a good time. Here is a small selection of places that I recommend.

  • eating-café & pub Within one kilometer of our studio there is a nice warm-style café (Café-restaurant Boulevard) where also Trannies can have a drinks/lunch/dinners in between an easy-going audience.

  • Restaurant with nice dragshows het Sluisje in the center of Amsterdam.

  • Saturnino: A good italian restaurant in the Reguliersdwarsstraat. T*-friendly.

  • Trendy/music/dance/cafe/restaurant: Panama is a well-known place of entertainment in Amsterdam-Zeeburg, merely 2 kilometers away from the Transdreams-studio. Panama has become a famous attraction within just a few years, because of their appealing program with many famous artists in the area of music, comedy etc.

  • Music/jazz/worldmusic/improvisation: The new Bimhuis close to the passengersterminal in Amsterdam. Civilized music loving audience. Also a nice suggestion for those who don't like jazz-music in particular. The audience is quite easy-going and friendly, so you ladies will definitely be enjoying a friendly musical atmosphere.

  • erotic/clubs: Looking for erotic adventures in a more audacious and revealing setting? The Candyclub is a kind of swingersclub where trannies and transgenders are also welcome.

  • erotic/fetish: Every third wednesday of the month is a special occasion for trannies in the Sameplace. Some of the other evenings are also enjoyable.

Trans-friendly accomodation in Amsterdam:

Hotels: Amsterdam has many T*-friendly hotels, were transgender and crossdressing clients receive a friendly welcome. There are 4 hotels that I especially want to recommend (out of first-hand multiple experience)..

  • Tropen hotel: T*-friendly, beautiful location, large parking space, a friendly bar and restaurant. Address:Linnaeustraat 2C, Amsterdam.(5 minute taxi-drive to our studio). Tel: 0031-20-6925111.

  • Barbizon Palace hotel: 5-star-hotel Trans-friendly. Situated across the Central Station. Telephone: 0031-20 556 45 64

  • Hotel van Onna: friendly prices & friendly service (prices starting at 45 € pp; including breakfast).

  • Sheraton hotel schiphol: Within a minute from Schiphol Airport. The Sheraton hotel has direct access to the departure and arrivalgates. 5 stars, Trans-friendly.

There are many other LBGT-friendly accomodations in Amsterdam. I send you a list on request.

Price list

Standard hourly rate: (metamorphoses services) Every first hour is 65 Euro. (see below at 'make-over'). For all additional hours the standard hourly rate applies.

Tariff 50 € /hour

Make-over: A complete make-over. resistant and long-lasting. Looks good and stays good for a whole day. A make-up takes about 60-75 minutes.

65 €

Photography: From portraits to full-body poses. The photography-service is offered only in combination /as part of the metamorphoses services.

Tarief 65 € /hour

Metamorphoses: A transformationsession, consisting of a make-over, working out different styles; use and styling of wigs; a 2-hour photography session. ....

Normal price 245 Euro. Special offer 200 € (4 hours)

Make-over lessons/trainings: Individual lessons; adapted to your learning needs.

Prijs 60 € /hour

(All prices mentioned include 19% VAT)


Conditions to the Transdreams service delivery

Services on appointment: For all services an appoinment is necessary. Book your appointment quickly and easily on +31 6 3127 5081 (mobile) or +31 20 463 9230 (tel) or use the contactform.

Prepayment: To finalize appointments I require a deposit of 25 €. This deposit is settled with your final payment right after the session.

Use for your payment bank account number: IBAN: NL 98 RABO 0157 676544 (without the spaces). Some banks require a BIC/SWIFT code: RABONL2U.

Is it impossible for you to make this deposit by bank? A Western Union transaction may be an option for you. The costs of a transaction this size are usually about 4,90 €. Another alternative is using recorded post-deliveryThe costs maybe 8 € or higher.

Transdreams does not provide erotic or sexual services.

To book appointments you must be 18 years or older!

Mobile (recording) devices are not allowed in the studioroom.

© Transdreams 2011