Amsterdam 6th of April 2012,

Dear readers,

Here is the fifth Transdreams newsletter (new style)

First of all a bit of sad news, unfortunately. In the extra newsletter of december 2011 I mentioned the return of Cassandra. However, because of personal circumstances she has been forced to withdraw from all of activities in Transdrams.

That is quite pityful. Cassandra is unsurpassed as a make-up artist in Holland and far beyond. Beside that, this circumstance has lead to some unclarity and the temporary postponement of the Transdreams activities.

As from now on I will continue the activities of Transdreams by myself... As I did already for the larger part of 2011. I will continue Transdreams with great pleasure and lots of energy.

Topics of this newsletter:

  • Transdreams exists 10 years! I´d really like to celebrate this with you. Book a 4 hour appointment during the months April until June 2012 and you´ll get a beautiful gift (with a value more than 10 Euros). Read more

  • Ladies trousers for Tgirls. Some of you like them a lot. Some hate to wear them: trousers and jeans for ladies. For me, as well as for many of you, it all has to do with the right amount of hips and ass. If you like to wear womens pants and jeans please read the topic in this newsletter.

  • Man-woman metamorphosis.A metamorphosis from man to woman with pictures from each of the stages of the transformation.

  • Escorting service. Are you interested in combining a transformation with an evening out in Amsterdam. Let me escort you to the place of your liking. Wether a cafe, restaurant, club, theatre or musicvenue. All is possible and Amsterdam has a lot to offer. I enjoy accompanying you in a pleasant, discrete and safe manner. I added an article about the escorting sevices of Transdreams.


Transdreams 10 year jubilee!

Kies één van deze welkomstgeschenken. (klik op de foto´s voor een vergroting)

Transdreams exists more than 10 years, and I want to celebrate this with you. Book a 4-hour session now and you will receive a wellcome-gift of your choice from any of these quality-products:

  • An eyeshadowset 2 colours in an elegant box. Available in more than 20 colours. (retailvalue 11,50 Euro)
  • A blusher in a handy box (incl. mirror and applicatorbrush). Verkrijgbaar available in 3 colours. (retailvalue 14,50 Euro)
  • Light roll-on stick. Create extraordinary effects on your eyes and lips with this roll-on stick. Available in 5 colours. (retailvalue 10,90 Euro)

All these products are from Stageline. Stageline is the make-up brand from Laurendor, a renowned quality brand from Spain. Transdreams uses these products for more than 6 years.

Have you been at Transdreams before for a service-appointment? Besides this gift you receive an additional 10% discount on all the available services!

This jubilee-offer is valid from April to June 2012.

Trousers for T*-girls; Is that OK?

Marion wearing jeans with a hip extension

OK, ladies, this is not a trick! These pictures are real without any additional photoshopping... Besides I haven been to aesthetic surgeon to extend my buttocks or hips.

To create this hip- and buttock effect I used a tailor made filling. They are available during transformationsessions. Do you like wearing ladies jeans or any other type of pants? Are you at the same time not satisfied with the way they finish your posture? This may be the solution for you!

Are you interested in a transformation and are you a lover of pants and/or jeans as a lady, please contact me for more information or an appointment.

Please contact me by:

Man-woman metamorphosis

Marion from man to woman

In this newsletter a new man-to woman transformation. A lot had to be done.... concealing and smoothing of all folds, wrinkles, bags, spots etcetara isn possible without a firm hand, a firm fight and some good make-up. In other words.. how does one unfold beauty.

Escorting services

Over the years I discovered a lot of trans-friendly bars, restaurants, clubs and musical and cultural venues. Some times these occasions are not dedicated to transgenders and T*-girls. That doesn´t inevitably mean that they are less suitable or interesting. On the contrary! To select suitable venues the important issues are ambiance, quality of service and the venue in general (which includes area and the type of visitors)

On the Transdreams-servicepage I mentioned a list of Tranny-friendly places for going out. Some of these venues are dedicated to trannies and transgenders. Some of them are not byt are mentioned on the list simply because they are very suitable and friendly to our type of ladies and I have good experience with them. The list os the servicepage is not complete. If you have specific questions or suggestins on this matter, please ask.

Would you like to go out en-femme, but not by yourself? I am willing to accompany you and make your day or evening out a pleasant, safe and unforgettable experience

Conditions: the escorting services are 40 Euro per hour. This does not include the expenses of taxis, drinks, admission fees etcetara.

Enjoy your evening out en-femme in a safe, discrete and pleasurable way. Are you interested? Please contact me for more information or an appointment.

Amsterdam by night

Last but not least ....

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