Amsterdam 14th November 2011,

Dear readers,

It has been a while, since the previous newsletter. I skipped the english version of the third edition. (The third edition is available in a dutch version however.) So number 4 this is..... in this newsletter Transdreams presents 3 beautiful models...... Furthermore in this newsletter I made some changes regarding the service delivery of Transdreams.

Summary of this edition

  1. 3 photoreports of beautiful ladies Magda, Renee and Julia.

  2. Conditions to the Transdreams service delivery

  3. Oh, and ehm... by the way.....

As always I wish you lots and lots of joy and inspiration.


Transdreams Models

This time I want to introduce to you 3 beautiful models. Magda, Renee and Julia....

See also the Transdreams examples page.

Conditions to the Transdreams service delivery.

I made some changes to the conditions of the service-delivery. The three most important changes are: 1. A prepayment of 50 Euro is required for all appointments reserved in advance. (previously 25 Euro) 2. Transdreams offers the possibility of last-minute appointments. 3. Here are the conditions:

  • Services on appointment: For all services an appoinment is necessary. Book your appointment quickly and easily on +31 6 3127 5081 (mobile) or +31 20 463 9230 (tel) or use the contactform. There are 2 ways to book your appointment.
  • 1. Reserved appointment: For reservations in advance a deposit/prepayment of 50 € (Euro)is required. This deposit is settled with your final payment at the end of the session.The following conditions apply to any reserved appointment.
    • Use for your payment bank account number: IBAN: NL 89 RABO 0118 875639 (without the spaces) on the name of Transdreams. Some banks require a BIC/SWIFT code: RABONL2U.
    • Cancelling/rescheduling of appointments: Rescheduling or cancelling appointments (with a refund of your prepayment is possible until 72 hours (3 days) Before the start of the session.
  • 2. Last-minute appointment: Maybe making a reservation and/or a prepayment is not an option for you. Another way to make an appointment is by a last-minute booking. Contact me one or two days before the date/time you want to set up the appointment. Even on the same day that you are calling, it is possible to make an appointment (As long as I have space on my calendar). A prepayment is not necessary. The following conditions apply:
    • You can make last-minute appointments only by telephone.
    • Your telephonenumber must be known to me (numberrecognition must be on. I don't make appointments with anonymous callers).
    • Once set, the appointment cannot be cancelled.
    • Date and time of the appointment are fixed. I use a margin of 15 minutes: In case no one shows or makes a call up within these 15 minutes, I consider the appointment cancelled without notification.


  • Transdreams does not provide erotic or sexual services.
  • To book appointments you must be 18 years or older!
  • Please turn off your Mobile during a session.

Do you want to make a reserved appointment and is it uncomfortable or impossible for you to make a deposit by bank? There are 2 alternative ways to make a reliable and discreet prepayment:

  • A Western Union transaction. The transactionfee is about 5 €.
  • Use recorded post-delivery. The fees are 8-10 €.

Voor overige informatie over de services verwijs ik u naar de Transdreams-servicepagina

Oh and.... finally ....

This time some new pictures from me. The make-over was a bit of a colourexperiment: not your standard-colours... Who is afraid of Yellow, Green and Blue eyeshadows anyway.

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