Amsterdam 23 May 2011,

Dear readers,

I am pleased to present the first Transdreams newsletter of 2011. In February 2011 I published the new Transdreams-site. Until now I didn't have much chance however, I didnt have much chance to make- appointments and answer you request however, due to the start up of my new company. With this newsletter I also announce the start of the full-time provision of my services.

I wish you joy and above all inspiration......


In this newsletter:

  1. The Transgenderfilmfestival.

  2. 4 sparkling new models Gea, Brenda, Cathy and Chanel.

  3. Services- and Pricelist as from 1 june 2011.

  4. Your feedback to this newsletter.

The Transgender film festival.

TranScreen, the shiny and new Amsterdams transgender film festival, takes place from 1 June t/m 5 June 2011. As you may have heard or read the bi-annual TranScreen Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival will take place in the Baluie in Amsterdam.

TranScreen will showcase a wide range of transgender themed films and art. All filmtickets will be 8 euros, and there is a 5-ticket bulk discount for only 32,50 + there will be one FREE filmblock + a special youth programme for only 5 euros! YOU + US = TranScreen (In previous editions the portion of MF transgender and transexuals visitors has been way too low! This is a pity. The festival is for everyone.)

Please reserve your tickets on the site of the filmfestival. you'll also find the complete daily program there.

The tickets can only be collected at the box office of De Balie. It is not possible to print them out at home. So please: queue up in time, because reservations are cleaned out half an hour before the screening starts. Click here to find the location of our festival on Open Street Map.

make your reservation on the online systeem of De Balie, in the week of 23 May 2011. For more information on purchasing tickets see also the Transcreen-site

Transdreams Models

Cathy, Gea, Brenda, Chanel, Enjoy!

See also the Transdreams examples-page.

Services- & Pricelist

An overview of the services and pricing. As from the 1st of June 2011.

Make-over: A complete make-over. resistant and long-lasting. Looks good and stays good for a whole day. A make-up takes about 60-75 minutes.

75 € /make-over

Metamorphoses: A transformationsession, consisting of a make-over, working out different styles; use and styling of wigs; a 2-hour photography session. ....

200 € /4 hours (mon-thu 10.00 - 18.00)

255 € /4 hours (mon-thu evenings from 18.00 and Friday, Saturday)

Make-over lessons/trainings: Individual lessons; adapted to your learning needs.

60 € /hour

Photography: From portraits to full-body poses. The photography-service is offered as part of the metamorphoses services.

65 € /hour

Standard hourly rate: For all additional services in the studio the standard hourly rate applies.

50 € /hour

(All prices mentioned include 19% VAT)

At last ....

Your feedback to the Transdreams newsletter is very welcome. Please mail your reactions to

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