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Models, examples & other reports

A diversity of male-2-female artwork examples by Transdreams.

Is there a better way to illustrate what Transdreams does than by exhibiting the results of the imagery itself? Images are more revealing to the human mind than words.

The examples on this page are a mix of modelreports and special items. A modelreport contains photography taken during Transdreams transformation sessions. Besides the models I am also publishing other (special) items on a regular basis. All of these topics are in any way related to male 2 female transformations.

All the models on this page granted permission for publishing their pictures. Make-up, photography and artwork by Transdreams.


Would you like to undergo a man-woman metamorphosis yourself.... It includes a make-over, photography, posing, dressing-up in and experimenting with different styles. Check out the services-page for detailed information and a pricelist.


september 2012

2 sides of Linda

Linda's transformation from man to woman.

juni 2012

Example of a man 2 woman metamorphosis

Marion's metamorphosis from man to woman.









Some pictures of a charming and sportive lady.

Cathys reprise

Cathy loves the change. She has 2 different looks in store.


Chanel has got new wings...


This is a photoreport of Cathy. She adores latex, lace and the corresponding clothing. But she is just as much at ease as a carefully dressed, coquettish lady.

For this session Cathy wanted to be dressing as a fetish latex vamp. It turned out to be a positive and open-minded flow of joy and enthousiasm.

Fetish styles in general are a very a grateful theme to work on in transformation sessions. The strong use of colourful make-up, strongly styled appearance and the high general level of sexiness, makes fetish-themes very suitable

Man to woman metamorphosis.

It was on a dark, gray, cold, rainy, windy and almost lost sunday, that I decided to brighten up my day with a sunny metamorphosis. I took the opportunity to shoot all the intermediate steps. It took some hours, but it was great to do. I will very likely do this again. Next time I'll go for another style... Maybe somewhere in springtime? Or summer....?

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